Online Classes

Here are video dance classes,
all suitable for small spaces :)
For quick navigation in the exercises and a general overview click the "description" button on Youtube

Modern Dance / Warm-up, Turn and Developé exercises 
Modern Dance / Warm-up, Swings and Plié with turns exercise
Modern Dance / Feet exercise + Choreo Part.1
Modern Dance / Plié + Choreo Part.2
Modern Dance / Tendue + Choreo Part.3
Modern Dance / Plié, Improvisation + Choreo Part.4
Ballet Body Conditioning + Center Exercises
Easy exercises on the floor and in standing
Contemporary-Modern Class
A dance class suitable for beginner / intermediate dancers
Ballet Bar
A Ballet Training at the bar (or chair)
Pointe Shoes + Stretching
Simple exercises on Pointe and a cool-down stretches
Ballet Center + Jumps
An intermediate Ballet Training in the center
Ballet Center Part 2
An intermediate Ballet Training in the center
Modern Live Class 1
Easy warm-up and exercises followed by choreography
Modern Live Class 2
Easy warm-up and exercises followed by a cool-down
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