Patterns of perception
Part I

The dancers are born into the system, protected by the helmets with the knowledge of a certain 'default' position. Like machine learning algorithms they try to explore and develop their 'default' into something complex, but each time they are confined by the system. When things start to spiral out of control the drone finally steps in and brings the dancers back on track...
Despite getting confronted by the system, one dancer manages to fall out and question the system.

Part II

This part starts as a futuristic-utopian picnic landscape, with digital harmony and hypnotic symbiosis: the drone is first seen as a little creature, integrated into society.
From a little bee or bird, the drone becomes a fully functioning member of the group, as they all find balance, circling around each other. Slowly the drone changes in character and mission, starting to separate the group. First, peacefully - by luring one dancer out and having a meditative duet together. However with the next dancer the drone becomes more invasive and gets into her personal space, and then creates co-dependency by shutting down and making the dancer catch, fix and recharge it without doubts. She doesn't realize that her actions are helping the drone to continue picking apart the group.
This time the drone seamlessly polarises the two last dancers against each other, as if orchestrating a battle. One of them ends up going crazy as she's the only one from the group that 'sees clearly' the connection between the drone to the drone flyer and attempts to take over the power. When she fails - the drone/system ends up crushing her.
At this point, the divided group realizes the loss and decides to join together to confront the system. After attempting to fight it with unequal power, they refuse to continue and leave, leaving the system to question itself...

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